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How Green is a Stove?

Worried About Particulates Emissions From A Stove?

There has been growing speculation about stoves, particulates emissions and their impact on the environment. We would like to take this opportunity to help clarify some of the main points. This has become even more topical due to the recent announcement from DEFRA about their Clean Air Strategy. It has again raised a lot of questions about wood burning stoves and their ‘green’ credentials.

To be clear, the government have not said they want to ban stoves! What they would like is to improve air quality by ensuring that the right appliances with the right fuels are being used. A clear distinction was also made between burning wet wood and burning dry wood and the aim would be to remove wet wood and house coal as fuels from the market place.

A distinction was also made between rural and urban areas as emissions disperse more effectively in rural areas therefore measures which are needed in urban areas may have a disproportionate impact in rural areas.

DEFRA has stated that “we will ensure that only the cleanest stoves are available for sale by 2022”. SIA EcoDesign Ready stoves, of which our suppliers have many already available, are the cleanest stoves available.

These models have up to 90% less emissions than an open fire or older stove.

So modern woodburning stoves can be part of a solution to the problem rather than being the problem as long the right fuels are used – there is no point in buying an EcoDesign Ready stove and then cutting a tree down and burning fresh wood. If you have any questions or concerns on this subject, please feel free to call us at The Fire Side on 01968 660219. We can advise you on which stoves would be right for your requirements and are SIA Ecodesign ready.