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Spring 2018 Stove Install

Spring IS a good time to install a stove…….

If you’ve been thinking of installing a wood burning or multi fuel stove over the winter but are now in the mind-set that there’s no point until the autumn, it’s worth having a re-think. Especially given the recent weather in Scotland!

Apart from creating a warm centerpiece in your house, installing a stove is an investment. You will recoup the cost by the significant reduction in your gas, oil or electricity heating bills. For example, in Spring and Autumn, when the evenings are cooler, how often do you put your heating on throughout the house just to take the chill off the room you are relaxing in? With a stove, just burn a few logs  for a much more cost effective (and prettier) way to stay cosy.

Why not call us or drop into The Fire Side to discuss your requirements and view the ranges of stoves we have on display. We can give you a reasonable idea of costs involved there and then. We’ll can then follow up with a home survey (no cost) if you would like a detailed estimate.