Woodwarm Stoves are a thriving business, based in the rolling hills of Devon, dedicated to hand-crafting multi-fuel stoves. Having been in business for over 45 years, they have honed their crafting skills to the Ninth degree.

Why buy a Woodwarm Stove? 

  • Built to last – Woodwarm Stoves are rigorously tested and some of their stoves are still in use 45 years after installation.
  • Visible flames – Their advanced air wash system means that the glass remains clean and clear*.
  • They look beautiful – They have an extensive choice of designs, to suit any space – contemporary or traditional.
  • 10-year Guarantee – They offer a 10-year guarantee.
  • Suitable for town and country– Many of their stoves can be used in smoke-controlled areas as they meet and even surpass the required certification.
  • Best Practice – Woodwarm are active members of the Stove Industry Alliance and clearSkies who are recognised by the government in Defra’s 2022 Clean Air Strategy. Ahead of this date, our Eco models have all achieved the top level 5 certificate meaning they have demonstrated an exceptional improvement in emissions and efficiency performance.

*When burning the correct fuel

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