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An Eco-Friendlier Future for Stoves

You may have seen wood/multi-fuel stoves appear in the media this week with regards to the governments Clean Air Strategy 2019. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t always portray the story in the clearest and/or most accurate manner so we would like to clarify some key points.

We think it is important that stove owners and those thinking of buying a new stove understand that the government has absolutely no proposal to ban wood burning stoves. Instead, the Government envisages the cleanest stoves and the cleanest fuels as part of how we proceed with heating systems that use sustainable fuels and meet the clean air requirements.

Defra has included wood burning stoves in their Clean Air Strategy and they are recommending installing Ecodesign Ready stoves. A modern SIA Ecodesign Ready stove will produce 90% less emissions than an open fire and 80% less emissions than an average 10 year old stove.

The new legislation that states all stoves sold must meet Ecodesign Ready standards does not come in to effect until 2022. Stoves sold up until this point that do not meet this standard will not be affected thereafter. However, as a supplier of stoves from both UK and European leading manufacturers, we want to move toward selling only Ecodesign ready stoves well before 2022. Already over 60% of the stoves we have on display meet the stringent standards stipulated (burning at over 80% net efficiency and producing less then 40mg particulates emissions per meter cubed).

The strategy also places a massive emphasis on burning properly seasoned wood fuel with a moisture content of less than 20% on your stove. You can have the most efficient stove, but if you burn ‘wet’ wood on your stove you will still pollute the atmosphere and create tar inside your chimney/liner/twin wall flue system

If you are interested in installing a new stove, replacing an open fire or upgrading an older stove then why not pop in to the shop West Linton or just give us a call for a friendly chat.  We can offer advice on suitable stoves, the installation and price.

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