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Summering Your Stove

It’s finally summer– but don’t forget about your stove!

You may be surprised to hear your stove can get damaged over the summer months if you don’t look after it. As the temperatures warm up, the air flow in your chimney can reverse leading to moisture build up in your stove resulting in rusting and deterioration of the baffle and bricks.

We suggest you take the following steps if you are unlikely to be using your stove for an extended period:

  1. Remove all ash and tars from within the stove,
  2. Leave the ash pan out.
  3. Remove the baffle, clean it and leave it out.
  4. Remove bricks and grate parts if possible.
  5. Spray inside of stove with WD40
  6. Check rope seals and replace if necessary.
  7. You may want  respray your stove if it is not an enamel finish.
  8. Get your chimney swept.

Should you need any replacements, or if you have questions on what to look for, call Jacqui or Neil on 01968 660219. We can talk you through what you need to check.