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Why should you install a wood-burning stove in March?

This year seems to be disappearing so fast, and even though the weather is getting a little bit warmer we are still busy with stove installations. If you have been thinking of getting a stove, why not come in and find out why should you install a wood-burning stove in March.

Getting a stove fitted over the spring or summer is a good idea as it gives you a chance to get used to it before autumn sets in. You’ll also save a surprising amount on heating bills over the Spring and Summer as you can switch off the central heating and just use your stove on cooler evenings. Remember, we do live in Scotland so we can get chilly June evenings!

Also, one of our very well known stove suppliers Morso, who are one of the oldest manufacturers of stoves in the world and renowned for their quality, has just reduced the price of a selection of their stoves. Even more reason to come and have a look.

For more details why not pop in to the shop or just give us a call on 01968 660219. Steve or Jacqui would be happy to help.