It’s March already…….

This year seems to be disappearing so fast, and even though the weather is getting a little bit warmer we are still busy with stove installations. If you have been thinking of getting a stove, why not come in and find out a bit more.

Getting a stove fitted over the spring or summer is a good idea as it gives you a chance to get used to it before autumn sets in. You’ll also save a surprising amount on heating bills over the Spring and Summer as you can switch off the central heating and just use your stove on cooler evenings. Remember, we do live in Scotland so we can get chilly June evenings!

Also, one of our very well known stove suppliers Morso, who are one of the oldest manufacturers of stoves in the world and renowned for their quality, has just reduced the price of a selection of their stoves. Even more reason to come and have a look.

For more details why not pop in to the shop or just give us a call on 01968 660219. Steve or Jacqui would be happy to help.

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An Eco-Friendlier Future for Stoves

You may have seen wood/multi-fuel stoves appear in the media this week with regards to the governments Clean Air Strategy 2019. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t always portray the story in the clearest and/or most accurate manner so we would like to clarify some key points.

We think it is important that stove owners and those thinking of buying a new stove understand that the government has absolutely no proposal to ban wood burning stoves. Instead, the Government envisages the cleanest stoves and the cleanest fuels as part of how we proceed with heating systems that use sustainable fuels and meet the clean air requirements.

Defra has included wood burning stoves in their Clean Air Strategy and they are recommending installing Ecodesign Ready stoves. A modern SIA Ecodesign Ready stove will produce 90% less emissions than an open fire and 80% less emissions than an average 10 year old stove.

The new legislation that states all stoves sold must meet Ecodesign Ready standards does not come in to effect until 2022. Stoves sold up until this point that do not meet this standard will not be affected thereafter. However, as a supplier of stoves from both UK and European leading manufacturers, we want to move toward selling only Ecodesign ready stoves well before 2022. Already over 60% of the stoves we have on display meet the stringent standards stipulated (burning at over 80% net efficiency and producing less then 40mg particulates emissions per meter cubed).

The strategy also places a massive emphasis on burning properly seasoned wood fuel with a moisture content of less than 20% on your stove. You can have the most efficient stove, but if you burn ‘wet’ wood on your stove you will still pollute the atmosphere and create tar inside your chimney/liner/twin wall flue system

If you are interested in installing a new stove, replacing an open fire or upgrading an older stove then why not pop in to the shop West Linton or just give us a call for a friendly chat.  We can offer advice on suitable stoves, the installation and price.


Tel: 01968 660219



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ACR Neo3c stove

We have a selection of ex-display stoves on sale. So, if you fancy curling up in front of a roaring stove with family and friends as the weather gets cooler then why not pop into our showroom for a look at these fantastic offers or alternatively give us a call on 01968 660219. To view these stoves, click on the links below.

Charnwood Bay 5BX 
Was £1776.00 Now £1400

Charnwood Country 4
Multi-Fuel Was £900.00 Now £795.00
Wood Only Was £762.00 Now £650.00

Charnwood C-SIX + Store Stand
Was £1212.00 Now £900.00

ACR NEO3C + Log Store Trim
Was £1775 Now £1330

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Oil Price To Hit 4 Year High!

The BBC reported on 11th July 2018 that oil prices are expected to rise over the coming months. So if you are worried about increasing heating costs this coming winter, now is the time to install a stove.
Although you may not feel like thinking about such a project with the current heat wave, you can reduce costs by taking opportunity of summer offers when the stove industry is a bit quieter.
So why not give us a call or drop into The Fire Side to have an initial discussion on what’s involved and likely costs.
We do have a few ex display items on offer. For example the Charnwood Bay 5BX (list price £1776.00) is down to £1400.00.

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How Green Is a Stove?

Worried About Particulates Emissions From A Stove?

There has been growing speculation about stoves, particulates emissions and their impact on the environment. We would like to take this opportunity to help clarify some of the main points. This has become even more topical due to the recent announcement from DEFRA about their Clean Air Strategy. It has again raised a lot of questions about wood burning stoves and their ‘green’ credentials.

To be clear, the government have not said they want to ban stoves! What they would like is to improve air quality by ensuring that the right appliances with the right fuels are being used. A clear distinction was also made between burning wet wood and burning dry wood and the aim would be to remove wet wood and house coal as fuels from the market place.

A distinction was also made between rural and urban areas as emissions disperse more effectively in rural areas therefore measures which are needed in urban areas may have a disproportionate impact in rural areas.

DEFRA has stated that “we will ensure that only the cleanest stoves are available for sale by 2022”. SIA EcoDesign Ready stoves, of which our suppliers have many already available, are the cleanest stoves available.

These models have up to 90% less emissions than an open fire or older stove.

So modern woodburning stoves can be part of a solution to the problem rather than being the problem as long the right fuels are used – there is no point in buying an EcoDesign Ready stove and then cutting a tree down and burning fresh wood. If you have any questions or concerns on this subject, please feel free to call us at The Fire Side on 01968 660219. We can advise you on which stoves would be right for your requirements and are SIA Ecodesign ready.

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‘Summering’ Your Stove.

It’s finally summer– but don’t forget about your stove!

You may be surprised to hear your stove can get damaged over the summer months if you don’t look after it. As the temperatures warm up, the air flow in your chimney can reverse leading to moisture build up in your stove resulting in rusting and deterioration of the baffle and bricks.

We suggest you take the following steps if you are unlikely to be using your stove for an extended period:

  1. Remove all ash and tars from within the stove,
  2. Leave the ash pan out.
  3. Remove the baffle, clean it and leave it out.
  4. Remove bricks and grate parts if possible.
  5. Spray inside of stove with WD40
  6. Check rope seals and replace if necessary.
  7. You may want  respray your stove if it is not an enamel finish.
  8. Get your chimney swept.

Should you need any replacements, or if you have questions on what to look for, call Jacqui or Neil on 01968 660219. We can talk you through what you need to check.

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Spring 2018 Stove Install

Spring IS a good time to install a stove…….

If you’ve been thinking of installing a wood burning or multi fuel stove over the winter but are now in the mind-set that there’s no point until the autumn, it’s worth having a re-think. Especially given the recent weather in Scotland!

Apart from creating a warm centerpiece in your house, installing a stove is an investment. You will recoup the cost by the significant reduction in your gas, oil or electricity heating bills. For example, in Spring and Autumn, when the evenings are cooler, how often do you put your heating on throughout the house just to take the chill off the room you are relaxing in? With a stove, just burn a few logs  for a much more cost effective (and prettier) way to stay cosy.

Why not call us or drop into The Fire Side to discuss your requirements and view the ranges of stoves we have on display. We can give you a reasonable idea of costs involved there and then. We’ll can then follow up with a home survey (no cost) if you would like a detailed estimate.

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New Stove For 2018?

Morsø 1430 viking

Want to Keep out The Cold in 2018– Install a stove!

We are now well into winter weather so now is the time to install a stove. Apart from creating a beautiful centrepiece in your room and keeping you very cosy, it will save you, on average, a third of your central heating bills. Even more if you have a supply of logs available to you. And should you get a power cut, you won’t be left shivering!

You will also be surprised how much you would use it from April through to October. Our customers tell us how they can just put a log on in the chillier evenings and save switching on the central heating. The quote we keep hearing is ‘My stove is the best thing I have ever done in my house, I wish I’d done it years ago!’

Why not pop into our showroom and have a chat about your requirements. Bring along dimensions of your room and photographs if possible. We can advise you on what’s possible and provide you with a rough costing for the complete job. You can have a good look at the 20 different stoves we have on display to get ideas on which model would suit your needs. We can then follow up with a site survey if you’d like a detailed estimate, at no cost or obligation to yourself.

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How To Service Your Stove

Get Your Stove Ready For Autumn and Winter.
If you have a stove, now is the time to make sure it is ready for the colder months.

Here is a checklist of things to do:
1. When did you last have the chimney swept? It should be done at least once a year. There is a list of local      chimney sweeps on our links page. They are all very helpful and will advise you on the state of your stove.
2. Check the baffle or throat plate protecting the top of the stove. If it has any holes in it, it should be                 replaced. Remember to clean behind the baffle or throat plate every 4 to 6 weeks to help ensure a clear       air flow.
3. Check the bricks protecting the side of the stove. They may have cracked, which is fine but if they start to     crumble and expose the side of the stove, they need replacing.
4. Check if the rope around the door and/or glass need replacing. If it has worn down too far, your ability to     control the air flow will diminish and the stove will burn too hard.
5. You may want to give your stove a ‘makeover’ by repainting it with stove paint, it will come up like new!

If you need any advice or would like to order any parts for your stove, give us a call on 01968 660219

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