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Is it really June!

It’s really not been the greatest of weather this June. In fact it has been decidedly cold! If you don’t have a stove you may well have been forced into switching your central heating back on and unnecessarily heating the whole house. With a stove you can simply burn a few logs in the evening to take the chill off and save a surprising amount on fuel bills. So why not give us a call or drop into the showroom and find out a bit more. We are generally quieter over the summer so timelines are shorter and if you get a stove fitted by us before end August, we’ll give you 10% off all hardware.

Don’t forget, we stock or can order all the spare parts for your stove or open fire.  We also carry a wide range of fire side accessories.

Summer Giftware

We have a lot of new stock in that could make a lovely and more unusual gift for friends and family, or why not just treat yourself! From candle holders, lamps, vases , terramundi pots and side tables right through to garden accessories, including, would you believe, bird feeders in the shape of teapots or fir cones! Come in and have a look.

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News from Charnwood Dealer Day

Charnwood Bembridge stove

Charnwood C5 Stove Introducing The Bembridge Wood Burning Stove.

I recently visited Charnwood on The Isle of Wight to have a look at new products being launched in 2015. I was intrigued to see the new Bembridge stove they have developed in conjunction with Country Living. It is a very pretty, innovative, 5Kw wood burning stove  It will only be available through registered dealers like The Fire Side.  There will be one on display in The Show Room in August so why not come in and have a look?

The attached linked gives you technical details;

VLAZE – Vitreous Enamel Surface panels

Charnwood also launched their exciting new range of vitreous enamel products for the home environment. The most innovative of these is VLAZE wall mounted heat shields designed to be placed behind the stove. The dual skin shield will reduce the distance to a combustible material to 100mm. We will have one on display in the show room in July.



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Charnwood C4 Installation

Charnwood 4 stove installed

A customer kindly sent us this great picture of their Charnwood C4, installed by Alistair Small. It is such a good example of how the stove has transformed their living room.

Alistair created as much of a recess as possible and cement rendered the inside. The hearth is Black Italian Riven Slate.

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Twin Wall Flue Installation Of Island 1

Twin Wall Flue Installation Of Island 1
Twin Wall Flue Installation Of Island 1

Twin Wall Flue Installation Of Island 1

Sally Bowie kindly sent us these lovely pictures of their Island 1 post installation. Alistair Small built a block wall behind the stove and they have made a great feature of it by adding a beautiful wooden beam supplied by Ian Darroch.

The Twin Wall Flue system goes through the wall behind the stove and then runs up the external wall.

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