"What a magnificent choice, this fire is a revelation and the heat it puts out... Amazing! Thank you for all your guidance and for managing the installation. Alistair did an amazing job and was so tidy. Happy Customers."
Mr & Mrs Nerney, Peebles

Welcome to The Fire Side, West Linton, Scottish Borders

The Fire Side shop, specialising in supplying wood burning and multifuel stoves from British and European major stove manufacturers, is situated in the pretty conservation village of West Linton in the Scottish Borders, just 15 minutes from the Edinburgh City Bypass.

Stove and logsWorking in conjunction with an installer of stoves and flues with 38 years experience, we have gained an enviable reputation for quality products and service throughout the area.

Apart from most of the Scottish Borders, we supply stoves to Edinburgh, the Lothians, Biggar and South Lanarkshire.

Why buy a stove? Click here for some good reasons.

Many of the wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves you will see on this website are in stock, or can be sourced quickly to avoid delays.

Wood burning stove and companion setWe also stock many of the accessories you might require for your stove e.g. companion sets and baskets, replacement glass, rope seals and maintenance products.

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Autumn is just around the corner

If you want to have a cosy home this autumn and winter without incurring spiralling fuel costs, why not invest in a wood or multi-fuel stove? Industry studies have shown you can save at least one third on your heating bill by installing a stove. According to the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), a wood burning stove is 77% cheaper per kilowatt hour (kWh) to run than an electric fire, 29% cheaper than a gas fire, and around 43% and 50% cheaper than an oil and LPG fire respectively. Not only that, but it will create a beautiful centre piece that will make your home much more desirable.
If you are thinking of taking this step, why not come into our showroom or give us an initial call? We can discuss your requirements and likely costs involved.

Servicing Your Stove

For those of you who have a strove, here are the main maintenance jobs you should regularly undertake

  1. Ensure you get your chimney swept; it should be done at least once a year.
  2. Check the baffle or throat plate protecting the top of the stove. If it has any holes in it, it should be replaced. Remember to clean behind the baffle or throat plate every 4 to 6 weeks to help ensure a clear air flow.
  3. Check the bricks protecting the side of the stove. They may have cracked, which is fine but if they start to crumble and expose the side of the stove, they need replacing.
  4. Check if the rope around the door and/or glass need replacing. If it has worn down too far, your ability to control the air flow will diminish and the stove will burn too hard.

If you need any advice or parts, give us a call on 01968 660219

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